Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will the bin cause damage to driveway surfaces on delivery & pick up?

A. BOS Bins are designed to roll off of the truck using the trucks hydraulic system. Our standard protocol is to place wood blocks and plywood sheets down on any surfaces of delicate nature. We also take before and after photo’s for customer assurance. However, in the case of such an occurrence, BOS Services Inc. will not be held liable. These events are sometimes unavoidable due to sloped driveways, extreme weather or very heavy loads.

Q.What items and materials are NOT permitted in the bins?

A. Items such as e-waste (computers, TV’s etc), propane tanks, tires, appliances, batteries, asbestos, chemicals, pesticides, paint or any other type of hazardous waste are not permitted. Please call us and we can advise on alternate locations for proper disposal.

Q.Can a bin be placed on the roadway in front of my house or on the lawn?

A. A bin can be placed on the road as long as you have a permit. Contact your municipality for information on obtaining a road occupancy permit. Placing the bin on the lawn is possible, but we will not be responsible for any marks or depressions caused during the bin’s delivery, removal, or time spent on the lawn.

Q.What is considered to be "Clean Fill"?

A. Clean fill consists of material such as dirt, grass, concrete, interlock, brick and block, asphalt, or any combination of these. A clean fill bin cannot contain any other sort of material, or surcharges will apply.

Q.What cannot be put in to a bin when cleaning up at my house/site?

A. Please DO NOT put any of the following into your mixed load.

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Q.What is considered a mixed load?

A. Mixed Loads are loads of waste that have a little bit of everything (except hazardous material) in them. These loads are typically disposed of at the nearest landfill or recycling centre.

Residential Junk Removal Services Baden


Q.Should I separate my garbage & recycling waste when cleaning up?

A. YES! Drastically reduce your disposal charges by keeping recycled materials in a separate bin. Not to mention that you will be reducing your contribution to the local landfills!